Rules snooker

rules snooker

Ninh explains the Rules of Snooker - a popular cue sports table game from England. This is a beginner's. Snooker terminology: Pot - to put a ball into a pocket (and have it stay there) Foul - to do something against the rules. Snookered - to be unable to roll the cueball. These are the rules that govern how to play Snooker and Billiards. The Rules Committee is chaired by senior referee Jan Verhaas, who is assisted by Brendan.


Rules of snooker

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If a ball not "on" is potted, this is a foul. Players agree how elemente spiel points will constitute a game and the objective is merely to be the first to score than number. There are three situations where a miss will not be called even if the striker failed to do a "best attempt":. When the striker has a red ball as his "ball on" legal object ballhe must cause the cue ball's first contact to be with a red ball. Der Spieler hat 37 Punkte Vorsprung, es befinden sich noch zwei rote Bälle auf dem Tisch, Rot ist on. Interesting situations could occur if somehow both the free ball and the real ball on are potted.

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A special case occurs after a striker fouls and misses in a non-snookered scenario -- that is, when he fails to hit a ball "on" when there is a clear path to the ball or part of the ball. Quite often, a "full-butt" and a "half-butt" are also available - these are much longer rests with arched fixments on the end that come with their own long cues for playing very long shots. All six colours have then to be potted in ascending order of their points value yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, black. In den meisten Fällen handelt es sich dabei um eine der Mitteltaschen. If the ball on is a colour ball that is snookered by a red, a previous red must have been successfully potted; the snooker therefore must be self-inflicted and cannot have occurred as the result of a foul. Ist das der Fall, darf der Spieler einen anderen Ball nominieren, um den Ball zu ersetzen, den er nicht anspielen kann.


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